Flat Whites in Fitzrovia

There’s little doubt that the UK is increasingly shifting from a nation favoring a  stereotypical cup of tea to embracing the dark delights of coffee. Though interestingly, while the average tea consumption is steadily declining, coffee consumption isn’t yet at outrageous level (leave that to the highly caffeinated Finns). However, the culture surrounding coffee is more popular than ever as the coffee shops are a trend in themselves and pop up at an increasing rate and have even replaced the storied pub as the preferred third place of Britons. While I prefer a pint as much as the next guy, my Scandinavian wiring requires far coffee more than beer and I’m also fairly certain my work productivity would rapidly decline if I replaced my daily cups of coffee with ales.
So having an increasing choice of great coffee venues across the city suits me just fine. As I’ve previously touched upon, I like to take a detour via unfamiliar streets as it can give new perspective on a neighborhood and you never know what architectural or cultural gem you might come across. As I recently took such a detour through the streets of Fitzrovia, I was delighted to find the picturesque Old Dairy Cafe, where I could get my hands on a well-made flat white to keep me going through the afternoon and also give me a bit of warmth as London is still fairly chilly this week.

While I’m still refusing to bring out my overcoat in my unfounded belief that spring is just around the corner, I’m managing with my light Drakes scarf and a pair of thicker grey flannel trousers to keep me warm.
From my summer wardrobe, I’ve defiantly brought out my blue washed cotton jacket, which is unconstructed with no lining or padding, which makes it not only casual, but also perfect for spring and summer. I picked up this cherished piece from Chocoolate in Hong Kong when I studied there nearly 8 years ago. Though having just found their site after all these years, I’m afraid items like this jacket is no longer their style – perhaps it never was and I just got lucky. As I like to my color compositions rather simple, I’ve paired the blue jacket with a light blue shirt and a solid brown silk knit tie from SuitSupply, a Drakes pocketsquare and brown double monks from Meermin.
I’ve gotten a lot of use for this particular jacket over the years, but it is also starting to show its age, so I suspect that it won’t be long before I will have to retire it and I am slowly beginning to look for alternatives. When the day comes, I’ll do another post with the final options for consideration, but here are some of the top of my head:

Got any suggestions for a nice washed cotton jacket? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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