The Daily Grind

A Monday morning meeting in the City gave me the chance to finally stop by the Royal Exchange Grind – another excellent location for the ever expanding Grind & Co across London. Located on the side of the central Exchange building by Bank Station, it’s probably one of the smaller of their venues along with Soho Grind, but has great high ceilings and large windows, which makes it feel airy and light compared to the crammed Soho location. While the exterior follows the design limitations and rules of the overall building, the interior has a modern feel that fits in nicely with the historical financial setting with plenty of marble and brass detailing.

Filing out of the station along with countless grey and navy suits around me, I had inadvertently conformed to this dress code for the day; though with minor differences. While most of the lapels on parade outside the windows of the cafe were notched, my trusty old SuitSupply jacket features slightly more flamboyant peak lapels and I wore it with charcoal wool trousers with two inch cuffs rather than as a full suit. As my work doesn’t actually require the kind of classic menswear that I enjoy, I like to mix jackets with separate trousers and as a result actually only own two whole suits, but plenty of jackets (I should emphasize that I mean sport coats, not suit actual jackets). I find that wearing separate jackets and trousers somehow strikes a more casual tone than a full navy suit and gives you more options to be playful and creative in your outfits.

Keeping in line with a navy and brown color palette, my striped knit tie is actually a rather old favorite from H&M. It’s not often that H&M does something as classic as this both in terms of colors and width, but this tie has definitely earned its place in my wardrobe after more than 7 years in my rotation. That’s a pretty decent cost-per-wear, if you ask me.
Finally, as I refuse to acknowledge that its still a bit chilly in London this week and therefore forego any coat, I had to layer up with a brown Merino wool cardigan from Uniqlo, while my classic brown Oxfords from Meermin kept me grounded as always.

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