Evening at the wharf

When I arrived in San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf was one of the few places that I thought I had a pretty clear memory of. Yet, as I reached the famous waterfront with a clear view of Alcatraz while the sun was setting after another rain shower, it all seemed completely different from the memory that I kept for the past 20+ years.
With neon bathing the wet sidewalks in a moody evening light, the sound of the waves only heard intermittently between pop songs being blasted from colorful and brightly lit tourist and candy shops. As the recent shower and the approaching darkness seemed to cleared the area of tourists and most other people, I was free to stroll along the many restaurants and out to one of the piers, where I could see the lighthouse on Alcatraz blinking at me every other second as the moon began to appear from behind the blanket of overhead clouds.
Eventually, I stopped in for a bite at Cioppino’s where the big neon crab seemed a fairly certain sign that I would be able to dig my teeth into one of the Bay Area’s Dungeness crabs. Grabbing a seat at the bar, I could quietly order myself a pint of local brew and watch the comings and goings at this rather old-school establishment and eventually get my fingers dirty with a delicious garlic roasted crab and creamy mashed potatoes.
So while I may have had to make myself reacquainted with one of San Francisco’s most well-known attractions – sitting there with a mouthful of crab and a pint in my butter-dripping hands, I think it’s safe to say that me and Fisherman’s Wharf are back on track to being good friends again.


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