Coffeetown, CA

San Francisco is so far spoiling me for choices in my daily (and perhaps eternal) search for flat whites, slow drips and meticulous pour overs. It seems that you don’t have to go far before you stumble across another hipster hangout, where the beans receive as much love as most peoples’ newborns and the coffee subsequently tastes accordingly.
Coming from London where these kinds of places are usually smaller and crowded, I’m continuously impressed by the sheer scale of centrally located coffee cathedrals like Sightglass, The Mill, Blue Bottle, Réveille , Flywheel or the massive open space of bakery Vive La Tarte.
While not quite as cavernous as some of the above mentioned, I’ve spent a few mornings at Mazarine as it’s conveniently located in between the office and Hotel G, so is a perfect stop for the day’s first caffeine hit along with a various delicious toasts and pastries.

Once work is done and I’m free to roam the city, it’s comforting to know that I usually don’t have to walk far before another chance to sit with a nice cup of coffee and simply watch the crowds go by and absorb the vibe of the marvelously caffeinated city around me.

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