Light of my life


I can’t recall when it began; my fascination with light and the way that it can transform one’s surroundings. A few years ago, close friends of mine used to jokingly mock my frequent detours of any given conversation with exclamations of “…but, look at that light”. Yet, I can still find myself stop dead in my tracks and stare in wonder at the setting sun as everyone else rushes past me in the afternoon rush hour on the crowded streets of London.

I’ve previously written about my perceived importance of taking a detour from your daily routes and get a different perspective on neighborhoods that you’ve perhaps come to take for granted. Yet, in a different light, even the most frequented routes and familiar surroundings can change in an instant. Whatever the circumstances, whether a particularly golden setting sun, a misty rain on a bright daylight, or the first ray of sunshine on a frozen winter morning, the light can change the character of that building that you pass daily or that street that you cross on autopilot every morning and show a nuance in character.

Now, what caused this particular rambling?
A chance encounter with an empty basketball field wet from a brief, but particularly incessant Californian rain shower followed by the most magnificent sunset (double rainbow and all). As I stood there alone on top of a hill in San Francisco, I forgot all thoughts of work, hunger and a slightly damp jacket and completely lost myself in the moment and ever so quietly muttered to myself; but, look at that light.

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