I got baked

I’m a simple man who enjoys simple pleasures – plain glazed donuts, classic menswear, simple knit ties and well polished shoes. Yet, crammed in the early morning line and staring at the increasingly hypnotic glow of the red neon sign, Mr Holmes convinced me to try something else for once and add a bit of color to the day’s first drool-inducing dose of sugar.

Dressed in a rather preppy outfit with a blue cotton jacket, chinos, brown suede loafers and an old silk knit tie, I had initially started my Sunday morning by making my way to the popular Farm:Table just a few blocks from Union Square for some locally sourced breakfast. Grabbing a seat in the warm morning light, I settled down for coffee and a delicious serving of eggs on croissant and while getting lost in Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest work, The Buried Giant – though it still hasn’t caught me in the same way as The Remains of the Day, which is still one of my favorite reads.
From there, I made my way to the aforementioned Mr Holmes, which is known for their ‘cruffins’ (I know, I know) and ended up with a key lime donut that spiked my blood sugar just long enough to make it to a patch of grass before I crashed.


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