Upon Arrival


A few days ago I touched down in San Francisco for the first time since I visited the city on a family holiday at the innocent (or perhaps, in my case, more mischievous) age of 10.
As with most my travels, I have a few days worth of work to attend to, but will then make the most of my chance reunion with the West Coast and head to Yosemite in the coming days.

It’s a very peculiar feeling to be back in a place that you only remember fragments of. Upon arrival in the city, I checked in to the rather trendy Hotel G near Union Square, which is not unlike the excellent brand of global Ace Hotels but without half the city’s hipster population camped out with their laptops in the communal working spaces in the lobby. Though mainly because there are no communal working spaces at the Hotel G.
Problem solved.
Strolling around the city in a light rain as the sun was setting and dusk fell across the city, I found glimpses of recognition in unexpected places; from a particular street corner, the facade of an office building to restaurants that had stood the test of time from over 20 years ago. All these small moments unlocked long forgotten memories that had long since faded from view, so it was a surreal, yet comforting feeling to simply walk around the city guided only by intuition and vague recollections.
I look forward to getting to know the city all over again and will try to keep up a steady rate of posts as I go along.




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