Design Sunday

Meanwhile in London.
Fresh off an overnight flight and in dire need of caffeine, my better half and I strolled through South Kensington with the occasional pit-stop for coffee and pastries to keep me going. Following coffee and scrumptious baked goods from Whole Foods, we made our way down to the newly opened Design Museum, whose giant concreted sail of a ceiling offered shelter from the approaching dark clouds.

The main hall within the museum has a lot of interesting angles and is worth a visit in itself. I was, however, slightly disappointed in the permanent collection space, which (ironically) seemed poorly designed and rather crammed into tight spaces towards the back of the building. The external shop, on the other hand, brought me great OCD-induced joy over the color coordinated selection of design goodies.

And finally, for the sartorially inclined, the trench and flannel trousers are from Uniqlo, shirt from SuitSupply, tie from Drake’s and shoes from Meermin. I don’t tend to wear a tie on the weekend, but was meeting friends for dinner and was not prepared to let my standards slip just because of a little Sunday jet lag.




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