Simple Pleasures

I believe it was Socrates who once said ‘some days are just so meh’. Or it may have been my 14 year-old cousin.
No matter which philosophical giant initially uttered those words, the sentence aptly sums up a grey London Wednesday that undoubtedly will soon join a long list of past uneventful and forgotten days. Though a coffee break at Ozone (the cafe, not this horror) offered a welcome respite from the office, it was otherwise a simple day in the life with a equally simple outfit consisting of a few basic elements.

My hemp/wool jacket from SuitSupply is definitely one of my favorites and I continue to find use for it in spite of weather and season. The informality of the material, natural shoulders and patch pockets makes it useful in a variety of outfits and with widely different combinations of ties and pocket squares. Anchoring it down with a contrasting pair of navy wool dress trousers (from H&M of all places) and burgundy oxfords, the overall outfit is far from flashy. With a simple grey tie from Drake’s and this navy silk pocket square, the look on this humdrum day is an understated contrast to many of the ‘fashionable’ people running around for London Fashion Week at the moment.

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