All in a day’s work

Dark clouds seemed to gather after an otherwise bright morning and it wasn’t long before the rain started to come down outside TimberYard in Soho. The laptop-friendly café had already been busy since I arrived, but I still managed to get a seat by the windows and could sit and stare at the typical London rain while sipping on that vital first cup of morning coffee.
Though I usually head straight to the office in morning, I occasionally make a detour for a good cup of coffee and begin shoveling through emails among the morning buzz of a good café.

The weather on this particular day seemed to change by the hour and offered some spectacular colors as the evening rolled in over the city while I made my way across the river towards Bermondsey. With friends in the neighborhood, I’ve spent a lot of time in the area and have come to love the many little places from the polished concrete floors of the White Cube gallery to the intimate atmosphere and cinnamon buns at the Swedish café HEJ. Tonight’s destination, however, was the old underground public toilets that now make up the trendy cocktail bar called Bermondsey Arts Club.
An advantage to dressing like a grown up – today with dark grey wool trousers, navy jacket, light blue shirt, green silk knit tie, double monks and a colorful paisley scarf – is that you can always move effortlessly from a trendy morning coffee, meetings in the office and straight to an art deco and jazzy cocktail club without looking out of place or under-dressed.

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