Kensington Mornings

It was another Monday morning, early February, with the sun finally shining after a dark and grey weekend. I was wearing my beige/brown houndstooth jacket purchased years ago at a small nondescript store in Rome along with a grey wool tie and navy pocket square from Drake’s. A white shirt with a curved cutaway collar from SuitSupply and dark navy wool trousers from H&M anchored down the outfit with my polished Meermin doublemonks shining against the pavement. Slightly tired and with a bit of a cold still rummaging around in my system, the sun was exactly the antidote to an otherwise sulky start to the day.

The affluent neighborhood of Kensington was clearly also enjoying the return of a blue sky and warm light. I had a meeting in the area first thing in the morning, but took my time with a flat white at Kensington Coffee to watch the locals start to go about their day outside. From commuters heading to the nearby Tube station, parents hurrying their kids along to school and joggers heading panting homewards after rounds in Hyde Park. I always enjoy watching different parts of the city at this hour when I would normally be heading along the familiar route to the office.
Even as I had finished my nearby meeting, I allowed myself the luxury of a stroll through the park to make the most of the weather and the calm of city starting the motions of a new week. If you ask me, more Mondays should be like this.


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