Brown in Town

When it comes to brunch, I have a soft spot for Salon in Brixton with their raw walls, old wooden tables and some truly delicious takes on breakfast stables. I recently revisited the this little place in the heart of Brixton market on a Saturday morning and sat by the windows on the first floor as the market slowly began to come alive with locals getting groceries and hungover hipsters in search of flat whites.
While I had my navy overcoat with me, the mild weather meant that I was able to get away with a rather old tobacco linen jacket (bought at H&M sometime around 2007 and has served me remarkably well) and a simple grey wool tie from Drake’s. The pocket square from Ezra Amarfio was a recent gift from a good friend and features a beautiful forest scene with stags and other wildlife, which makes it feel like you have a bit of the countryside hidden away in your pocket. I hadn’t heard of the brand before and while their editorials aren’t quite up to my standards (Drake’s has set a considerably high bar there), they have some quite nice items in their selection – some of which are currently on sale.
The outfit served me just as well for the brunch as it did for a stroll through Hyde Park and Kensington Palace grounds with a stop at The Orangery for a cup of afternoon tea.





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