Mondays, eh?

As if Monday mornings aren’t a struggle already, throw in a couple of cold winds and the prospect of a long day at the office and you’ve got yourself one grumpy menswear blogger in search of coffee.

It’s days like these where I find that dressing up is a way to steady yourself for the challenges of the day and get your mind right. As I’ve mentioned before, I am by no means required to dress up for work, but choose to do so because I like the way that a jacket and tie can make you feel. Also, after years of building a respectable little collection of menswear staples from ties and pocket squares to Oxford shoes and flannel trousers, I’m too far gone to suddenly let myself down and show up for work in a hoodie.

Thus, I put on my Monday morning armor of various layers of wool and a silk knit tie and braced the brisk breeze with my navy SuitSupply overcoat and a pair of Roeckl gloves to keep me extra warm. Making my way through the newly revamped St.James’s Market and past Aquavit, I made a stop at the new Ole & Steen bakery to treat myself to a Scandinavian pastry and fresh cup of coffee. So with sugar and caffeine hitting the bloodstream, this particular Monday suddenly seemed much more manageable.

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