Detour at Dusk

Once in a while, a detour is exactly what is needed to clear the mind.
Though London is still relatively cold with brisk winds mixing with warm rays of sunshine, I still prefer to walk my way through the city whenever I’m not in a hurry. Taking a slightly different path than simply the fastest one from A to B doesn’t just offer a change of scenery, but a chance to find a new angle on a familiar neighborhood.

Wrapped in my warm coat from Suitsupply and a simple Uniqlo cardigan in merino wool layered underneath my jacket, I took a slightly detour around St. Paul’s just as the sun was setting and decided by combine a brief visit to Hackett at One New Change with the chance to enjoy the dusk from the roof terrace. Tuesdays are always quite packed with work, so taking 10 minutes to simply watch the sky change over the London rooftops and the cathedral dome was a welcome moment of calm.
It’s easy to get complacent about the simple (and free) experiences that one’s city has to offer as you go about your day, which is why even a little detour can open up the chance to break the monotony. If nothing else, just watch the sky change color in the reflection of your well-polished Oxfords like a true menswear nerd.

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