Just roll with it

Though London is still far from freezing, I’ve been breaking out the turtlenecks (or polo/roll necks as I’m repeatedly told here in the UK) since the beginning of autumn.

It actually took me a long while to come around to wearing turtlenecks out of pure fear of appearing like some flamboyant mix between Ron Burgundy and Alan Partridge. However, encouraged by a good friend (or rather, nagged for years by said friend) and subsequently inspired by this article in The Rake, I ended up giving it a try and have gladly added a few to my autumn/winter wardrobe staples ever since.
As also noted by Dan Rookwood in the article above, I generally think that they work best under a jacket or coat as a nice layer rather than on their own: ‘The roll- neck should be nicely fitted without being tight, so that it sits comfortably under a jacket. Black roll-necks are considered slimming, as they help to elongate the neck and look good with charcoal tailoring. Chunky roll-necks are less flattering, especially for those who are not as tall or as slim as they would like to be.’
The grey one pictured above is from Uniqlo in extra fine merino wool and works well with a range of my jackets and coats, which makes it an easy alternative for those days where a shirt and tie just doesn’t feel right. On colder days, a heattech t-shirt from Uniqlo provide a extra layer of warmth without adding bulk and with a cup of pour over coffee from Iris & June in Victoria, I’m already prepared for the inevitable drop in temperature over the coming weeks. Though, on those days I still make sure to leave my jazz flute at home.







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