DB Days

Back in London – just in time for drunken holiday parties, frantic Christmas shopping and Wham’s Last Christmas stalking you throughout the city like an evil 80’s entity from a horror movie. Thought you’d lost it for a second? Then you’re in for a surprise in the home ware department when you’re ambushed by a Taylor Swift cover version suddenly jumping at you from the speakers.

Kidding aside, I am actually a incredibly fond of the season and spend most of December in a semi-blissful haze. Though copious amounts of mulled wine may also be to blame for that. I’ve only just started buying the presents as I like to take my time and make sure that I find just the right item for every family member with ideas and reminders safely hidden away in a little notebook.
The weather has been surprisingly mild in the past few days, which has allowed me to get another day’s wear out of my old SuitSupply DB linen jacket, which had otherwise prepared itself for a long period of hibernation on my clothing rail until spring. I picked it up at a SuitSupply outlet in the Netherlands several years ago and though it is of their standard Soho fit with a slim wait and high armholes, I haven’t seen this particular linen version in the stores or online since. Coupled with a brown Muji turtleneck, navy cotton trousers and my trusty pair of dark brown Meermin double-monks, I’m well equipped to brace whatever a December day can throw at me. Even Wham.


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