Leaving Boston

A few final impressions from Boston before heading home and just enough time for a last walk through Beacon Hill and what is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque (and allegedly most photographed) streets in the US. In spite of the neighborhood’s central location and renown as a historic district, I’ve always found the area surprisingly calm and quiet unlike so many other tourist destination, which makes it great for simply strolling around and dreaming of owning one of the many beautiful buildings or apartments that one comes across.
Coincidentally, I’ve recently been reading Dennis Lehane’s A Drink Before The War, which takes place in Boston and has a few scenes set in this very neighborhood though he isn’t quite as taken with it: “Back when Boston was this wonderful mythic world of midget aerobics instructors, Beacon Hill must have seen roomy. But now, it’s cramped and narrow and shares more than a little in common with an old French provincial town – very pleasing to the eye, but functionally a disaster.”
But what do I care, I only live here in my dreams.
Alas, it’s time to pack my bags and head home, but I hope to make it back here again in the new year and once again load up on that special New England atmosphere.

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