Glimpses of Boston

With my time on the East Coast nearing its end, I had a few days in Boston for work and did my best to stop past some of my usual haunts and relishing the chance to get a few more days of autumnal layering before heading home to what is likely a colder climate in London.

Having once again checked in at the Commonwealth, I had to stop by Boston staple SweetGreen for some healthier fare than what I had allowed myself in both NYC and on the road upstate. I love their use of fresh, local produce and am always a bit surprised that the salads and bowls are so satisfyingly tasty that I’ve often tried to replicate them at home and subsequently come to the conclusion they’re surely using a different kind of kale than whatever green kind of hell I’d managed to buy.
Full and slightly pleased with myself over the healthy food choice, it’s just a short stroll past the library and into South End for a coffee at Render and the usual browsing for fine accessories and gifts at Sault.



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