Heading upstate

It’s been a bit busy since I left New York behind me and started to drive up through New England towards Boston, so I’m behind with my posts at the moment, but finally got a chance to get some of these images uploaded.
This post will be light on clothing or well-shined shoes and instead focus on what undoubtedly is a timeless American landscape which is famous for its fall foliage for a reason. There is something strange about finding yourself in in places that seem oddly familiar solely because of their frequent appearance in movies, series or ads, but is in reality unlike any place you’ve ever actually visited. I had the same feeling when I first visited NYC many years ago and got the same sensation now as I passed up through the Berkshires with a stay in the charming little town of Lennox, MA where I ended up at the appropriately named Yankee Inn. It doesn’t get much more New England than this and thankfully I’d brought appropriately casual preppy clothing to match that of the style’s most famous proponents from these parts of the country. Crew neck sweaters, Oxford cloth button-down shirts, chinos and a pair of Wayfarers seem almost mandatory on a trip like this.

With a quick stop for lunch in Amherst, MA, it was already time to head towards Boston as work beckoned, though I could easily continued to drive around in these parts and let serendipity lead my way to more picturesque winding roads, idyllic towns and enough foliage to satisfy even an autumnal enthusiast such as myself.

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