NYC Pitstop pt.2

About to leaving New York behind me with just enough time to completely overdose on pastrami at Katz’s Deli. Yes, it’s a tourist destination. Yes, that scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed there. And yes, it’s a pricey pastrami sandwich.
The meat, however, makes up for all of that.
It’s big and grotesque when compared to any sandwich in Europe, but I still haven’t found a pastrami as delicious anywhere else and will gladly make my way back to the hustle and bustle of Katz’s whenever I’m in town. There is a certain sense of satisfaction in sitting down with one of these rye and mustard monsters, some pickles and a decent ale among the variety of people you can find there during the day. From tourists to bankers, construction workers to hipsters, the place is always filled with a buzz in the air and no bats an eyelid at your paisley pocket square or well-shined oxfords when you sit down at the old, worn-out tables and go to town on meat that’s quite in a league of its own.

Satisfied, full and a little bit sleepy, it’s time to head upstate to catch the last of the New England autumn before settling in Boston for a couple of days.

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