Off Again

Time to jump on a plane again and head stateside for a mix of business and pleasure, which is a perfect chance to talk a bit about travel clothing. While I usually don’t wear a tie for longer flights, I am a firm believer in keeping a certain sartorial standard when traveling. While I could (and often do) rant about the state of travel attire these days, I’ll try maintain my composure throughout this post.
Though onesies, flipflops and pajamas on planes really piss me off. There, I said it.

Not too unlike Mark Cho of The Armoury (who sounds like he’s got a lot of air miles racked up), I most often go for a pair of chinos, shirt and a casual jacket – preferably unlined and less prone to wrinkles, so I leave the linen ones at home. Additionally, I also bring a merino wool sweater in my hand luggage in case the cabin crew decides to crank up the air conditioning at some point. As for the shoes, wearing a pair of loafers lets you quickly slip in and out of them through security and while on the plane. Casual and comfortable, but still with a bit of class.
This mentality of dressing like a grown up when traveling doesn’t just apply to my clothing, but also my luggage as I don’t care much for the standard carry-on luggage bags with wheels as they mostly strike me as rather boring and lacking in character.

With heavier items safely stored away in my checked luggage, I’m free to bring my trusty old leather holdall, which I bought at a market in Florence many years ago. It’s a standard range of bags that you’ll often find across Tuscany in both stores and market stalls and often at wildly varying prices (these ones on Amazon seem quite similar). As a student with limited funds at the time, I haggled my way to a decent deal for this bag and a larger version and they’ve held up incredibly well and look better year by year.
There are undoubtedly bags of better quality on the market and I’ve often been tempted to get a new one, but I like my scrappy, timeless brown companion with all its scuffs and scratches after countless of trips across several continents.

I will hopefully get a chance to do couple of posts up as I make my way from NYC to Boston. Check back soon for more.

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