Soho Dusk

Today’s post is less about the outfit (grey flannel trousers, blue shirt, olive knit tie, brown cardigan, navy jacket, double monks – thanks for asking), but more on the moody streets of Soho as another long Monday finally comes to an end.
While many lament the gentrification of Soho from the old red light district to a more commercial neighborhood, I can never get tired of roaming the streets here for fantastic new restaurants or hidden bars. I keep discovering new temptations on a weekly basis and while there’s always a new place worth checking out, but I often end up in some of the familiar haunts like The Vault speakeasy underneath Milroy’s whisky shop with the not-so-secret entrance through the bookcase in the back. Otherwise, my better half and I have often made a stop at Bar Termini for their exquisite Negroni, great atmosphere and the always attentive Italian staff. I have yet to snap a decent picture in there though – blame in on the Negronis or the fact that the small room is always packed to the brim with happy revelers, but maybe I’ll get it next time.

And while this post hasn’t had much to do with menswear, I could finish up by mentioning that Australian tailor Patrick Johnson has recently opened his first UK showroom in the very heart of Soho at 64 Dean Street. So when Bar Termini closes for the night, you will likely be able to find me there with my nose pressed against the window dreaming of soft, unconstructed jackets and far brighter surroundings than the wet, moody street of Soho at night.


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