The inevitable British summer rain


Here we go again.
Every summer I realize that my wardrobe is much better suited for colder temperatures and in spite of loving the brighter and warmer days, I secretly long for the start of autumn, so that I can begin to layer up again.
Throw in the unavoidable summer rain and my go-to summer stables like suede loafers and linen jackets suddenly start to seem impractical. Those are the days where something like my sturdy chukka boots with rubber soles are brushed off and get the pleasure of stomping down the slowly drowning sidewalks.
I bought these on a trip to Paris several years ago and they have seen a lot of terrible weather by now and have made it through stormy seasons where other shoes had to be left safely at home. Poor things.

The boots strike a nice balance between practicality and style without being too heavy or clunky to match with a pair of fitted trousers and a casual sport coat. Usually polished to a high shine, they disguise themselves well as a pair of oxfords that go with several different outfits. I’ve also been considering these cap toe derby boots from Meermin for a while now as they would offer the chukkas a much needed day of rest during the rainy seasons. They are slightly higher on the ankle, but also have a storm welt and double rubber sole that will get me through the coming autumn and winter months.

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