Rise and Shine

Given how many hours are spent at work throughout the week, I’ve come to view the free hours of each weekend as truly precious. I therefore usually try to get an early start on  Saturdays – though the reality of my morning self doesn’t always line up with the ambitions of my evening self the night before.
But getting up and going for a run or to gym while most are still tucked in bed feels like a valuable head start that prolongs the weekend. Smug bastard.
Once the exercise is over and done with, I often head out for breakfast or coffee and take my time to shake off any last work related thoughts by diving head-first into a bucket of black coffee and some reading materials. In this case, I’ve taken my usual spot at the bar at Colbert, a small piece of Paris right on Sloane Square.

The phone is usually banished to a pocket at this point as I sit down and just enjoy the early morning buzz around me and take in the atmosphere, a recent issue of The Rake and the people around me. From here, the rest of the weekend seems like an endless sea of possibilities waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

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